The band welcomes support of all kinds !  

This may include, joining our Monthly Prize Draw, helping at our concerts (making tea/coffee, selling raffle tickets), photocopying and distributing Monthly Prize Draw letters, mentoring young players in rehearsal (do you play yourself ?) and many more. 

MONTHLY PRIZE DRAW (formerly `200 Club`)

Members of the public, band members, friends of the band are invited to join our `Monthly Prize Draw`, membership is made by paying £1/month or £12/year (a standing order can be made).

Draws take place at the end of each month with 3 monthly prizes (£25, £15 & £5) and 2 six-monthly draws at the end of October & April (£50 & £25). The Monthly Prize Draw (formerly `200 Club`) has been in existence since the mid 1980`s and the profit from this is used for special purposes. It has in the past bought us new Uniforms, Banners & Instruments - it will never be used for the general running of the band. The Monthly Prize Draw is currently run by the bands`s Contest Secretary, Andy Cresswell.

If you feel able to assist the band in any way, please contact our Chairman or Secretary from our Contacts page.