Fleetwood Contest 2010 - 1st Place

.mp3 Recording - Click here

November 2010 St Chads Concert - a few items

.mp3 Recording -   item 1    and     item 2

Tameside Contest 2011 - 3rd Place

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Poulton Band on BBC1 Television - Christmas December 2008 TV Broadcast

Click here to view - 6.30pm broadcast on BBC1 TV at Christmas from `Farmer Parrs`

Radio Lancashire Christmas 2006 Radio Broadcast 

with `Tony Livesey` from Radio Lancashire`s popular Breakfast Show. The show was recorded during a rehearsal of the Poulton-le-Fylde Band on the 5th December at Anchorsholme Methodist Church, Thornton-Cleveleys and features Christmas music from the band with alot of fun along the way.

Get it HERE (50 Mb MP3 file)

Music for the Mayor`s Charities

Compact Disc (1996) - Featuring The Poulton-le-Fylde Band and Brian Harper


1) Prelude for an Occasion - Gregson     (Div-X 6 AVI files to follow)

2) Sonata for Trumpet - Torelli

3) Taras Theme - Max Steiner

4) Dixieland - Rimmer

5) Wind Beneath My Wings - L Henley/J Silbar

6) One Moment in Time - Hammond & Bettis

7) Suite for Trumpet - Baudrier

8) Nimrod - Elgar 

Our CD was recorded `live` at the King Georges Hall, Blackburn in 1996. All proceeds from sales of our CD go towards the Mayor of Blackburn`s Charities. At the time of the recording, the mayor of Blackburn was Councillor Mary Leaver (Mayor of Blackburn Borough , 1996/1997). The project was only made possible due to the kind generous support of our sponsors to whom we extend our grateful thanks:




The Band In The Park

L.P.Record (1982) - Featuring the Poulton-le-Fylde Band and The Alan Bell Folk Band


Side One

The Alan Bell Band

On side One the Alan Bell Folk Band presents some of Alan`s new songs, appearing on record for the first time.

1) Calling-on Song

2) Spring Song

3) The Christian Man

4) Fair Stood the Wind

5) The Boy & the Dream

6) The Concertina Man

7) So Here`s to You


Side Two

The Poulton Band & The Alan Bell Band

On Side Two, the Poulton-le-Fylde Band under the baton of guest conductor Ged Higson are joined by Stuart Robinson to provide the backing for Alan`s:

THE BAND IN THE PARK SUITE - The Life & Times of a Lancashire Family, (1914-1981)

1) Overture

Albert (Bert) (1890-1960)

2) Dance on Christmas Day (1914)

3) Francoise In Flanders (1916)

4) Marching (1931)

William Pierre (Willie) (1917- ):

5) The Band in The Park (1935)

6) It`s Over (1945)

Peter (1938- ):

7) Gone with the Wind Yesterday (1975)

Young Bertie (1962- ):

8) It`s My Life and I`ll Lead It (1980)


ALAN BELL:Alan Bell`s Band circa 1982

After many years as a member of the Taverners Folk Group and the composer of many fine songs which have become folk club standards the world over, Alan needs no introduction. He and the Taverners continue their successful career together and his involement with radio, television, scriptwriting and recording might be expected to keep him fairly well occupied. However, he has recently undertaken two new enterprises which provide material for this album.

In 1980, encouraged by Ged Higson, co-author of the excellant Finger Style Folk guitar tutor, Alan embarked upon a project to write a cycle of songs telling the story of the life & times of a Lancashire family, from the outbreak of the Great War up to the present day. The Band in the Park was a song previously written for the BBC TV series in 1978 which beautifully captures the period flavour of the 1930`s in the industrial North and the role of silver and brass was eventually arranged for Brass Band by Chris Pollinton of the famous Strawhead group.

The complete work was premiered in Larkholme High School, Fleetwood on May 13th 1981, where Alan Bell and his band combined with the Poulton-le-Fylde Band to present the first of numerous memorable public performances.

 Band 1982

The Band in the Park was recorded at the concert hall of the Teanlowe Centre in Poulton-le-Fylde in 1982