This very early photograph of the band probably dates back to the end of the 19th century. The picture most Band in market square circa 1800`slikely depicts the erection of an ornamental lamp in the square marking the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria 60 years after her Coronation in 1837.

Amidst the crowd can be seen a lamp, whipping post and Market Cross which, with the fish slab, were once described as "the most complete example of their kind in England". The Parish Church is also to be found to the rear of Market Square.


1887 Queen`s Jubilee Poster

The poster to the right advertises a grand procession that was held in Poulton-le-Fylde on Wednesday 22nd June 1887 celebrating the Queen`s Jubilee.

It can be seen quite clearly that the Band was leading the procession just ahead of the clergy and the committee and closely followed by the School Children and Fire Brigade.


Memorial Service Poster for her late Majesty Queen VictoriaThe poster to the left dates back to the 31st January 1901 and advertises a Memorial Service at the parish church of St. Chads for the funeral of her late majesty Queen Victoria.

Once again it can be seen that the band led the procession in a circle from Market Place back to the parish church of St.Chads.

The picture to the left (below) shows the band in 1910 leading a floral procession to the parish church of St.Chads. In these days, we would call such a march a `Sunday School March`. The scene to the right (below) shows yet another march to the parish church in 1910 for a memorial service for the late King Edward VII. This photograph shows the band marching down Ball Street, which has been substantially widened since then.

Flickr Slideshow period circa 1940-1960's

The Poulton-le-Fylde Band (late 1960`s)

This photograph of the band dates back to the late 1960`s and shows the band under the musical direction of Glyn T Lloyd. A very succesful time for the band - just look at the many trophies laid out ! Some of the famous ex-members of the band shown on the photo include:-

Sue Brady (nee Eccles) - Principal Solo Cornet

Ian Whittaker - 3rd Solo Cornet

Graham Bird - 4th Solo Cornet

George Hunter(Decd) - 5th Solo Cornet

John (Johnny) Highton - Soprano

Squire Eccles (Decd)             - Tenor Horn

John Brady - Solo Euphonium

Dick Bradbury (Decd)           - 2nd Euphonium

Rodney Goth - Bass Trombone

Ken Marsh - Solo Eb Bass

Don Whittaker(Decd) - 2nd Eb Bass


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